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Hapkido hand techniques

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Hapkido is Korea's most complete and street effective martial art. Founded by Yong Sool Choi, it is a modern synthesis of older style Korean kicking, striking and weapons systems, and the grappling and joint locking techniques. Using the efficient application of leverage, timing, circular movement, and pain instead of physical strength, Hapkido is most easily recognized by its fluid, circular motions and close-contact techniques such as joint locks, grappling, and throws.

The word Hapkido can be translated as "the way of coordinated power". This style is associated with three fundamental principles:

Many Hapkido techniques are so effective for self-defense that they are often used to train security forces. Yet when practiced correctly, Hapkido also serves as a form of acupressure for total body health. Many of the principles and techniques of Hapkido are also seen in other martial arts such as jujitsu, aikido, and judo.